Yes, This White Strawberry is Real

Yes, This White Strawberry is Real

Cecilia Estreich May 25 , 2016

We promise that this image isn’t photoshopped.  Our partners at Driscoll have developed a pure white strawberry.   Believe it or not, white strawberries were once far more common than they are today.  In fact, Driscoll bred their ivory beauties using an heirloom white strawberry variety that dates back to the 1700s.   With their striking color and delicate aroma, it’s no wonder that the berries have become a major hit in Hong Kong where the market for pricey, unusual fruit is hot.  We love them for their massive size, their refreshing flavor and, most of all, because they don’t stain. Get ‘em while you can.  Driscoll currently grows this item on a single acre of land and supplies are limited.


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