Memorial Day Ingredient Round-Up

Memorial Day Ingredient Round-Up

Cecilia Estreich May 25 , 2016

Today’s post goes out to the chefs on The Jersey Shore, The East End, The Golf Club, The Beach Club and any other kitchen where you’re sharpening your knives and preparing to burn and churn for the next three months.  In honor of the season kick-off, we divided this list into two categories—one for the 1% and one for the rest of us.  Whether you work at a luxury hotel in Sag Harbor or a hot dog stand in Wildwood, things are about to get busy.


We see you out there in East Hampton and we know that your customers like a little dollop of caviar on their lobster rolls…

1)      Kobe Sliders (MEBE3I-8) These decadent 8oz patties come courtesy of our favorite partner in all things burger-related, Wonder Meats.  A little pricier than the alternatives, but totally worth it.

2)      Poulet Rouge Heritage Chicken (MEPOLR3) Joyce Farm will make you forget every other bird you’ve ever tasted.  Sure it’s more expensive than a commodity chicken, but it’s also a world-renowned French farm breed with better flavor and texture than pretty much anything else on the market.

3)      White Asparagus (AS52)  Pretend you’re in the South France with these meaty Holland-grown, white asparagus.  It’s the height of the season and they are monsters with a minimum diameter of 28 millimeters.

insta-white as

4)      Porcini (MU97AA) Since you’re already making it rain, why not throw some of these gorgeous domestic porcini on the grill?

insta-s.african porcini

5)      Summer Truffles (TR) Mild flavored and certain to impress the Maserati driving set on the East End.

6)       Osetra Hybrid Caviar (SPCAV0L)  This is real deal Russian Osetra because why not? 



7)      Mara de Bois Strawberries (BE92B)  From Harry’s Berries (hyperlink: ), the Mara de Bois is the Beyonce of strawberries—indisputably the queen.   Similar to Alpine varieties, they’re about the size of a dime with the sweetest, most aromatic flavor.


Because not everyone serves the international, global elite

1)      Wonder Meats Chef Special 6oz (MEBE3UA6): Made by low-pressure chopping, these are some of the most tender burger patties out there.  Plus, the fact that they come pre-formed in perfect 6oz patties mean less labor and less waste.

2)      Stahl Meyer Hot Dogs (MEBE33G): You know what these hot dogs taste like?  America.  Made by a 150 year-old, family-run company with 100% beef, they’re as affordable as they are delicious.

3)      Better Burger Leaf (CR5): So, this lettuce is crazy.  It’s 100% yield and each leaf is exactly the same size, making it dream lettuce for burger making. 


4)      Lucky’s 1 Layer Tomatoes (TO21): Psst…Shake Shack uses them on their burgers.


5)      Catskill Provisions Local Ketchup (KETCHUPB): We know people are weird about ketchup that isn’t Heinz, but tasting is believing here. 

6)      Patriot Pickle Dill Pickle Chips (CU94): If you’re out at The Shore, show some Jersey pride with these Wayne, NJ made pickle chips from Patriot Pickle.

Like what you see here?  Check out our new summer grilling guide for an even more extensive list of seasonal faves!

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