Buying Local is Easier Than Ever

Buying Local is Easier Than Ever

Baldor Editors Jun 20 , 2016

To deliver the best of the best 365 days a year, Baldor sources commodity produce from around the world.  But, you may be surprised to learn that these items are often the same price and quality level as local produce during the summer months. We've picked some of our favorite current local items for a side-by-side comparison. 

To automatically receive local substitutions for commodity products whenever the price and quality are comparable, sign up for the Baldor Local Pledge here.


a  insta 6 - jersey crate arugula

Currently, all of our arugula is local! These bunched peppery leaves from the region of Vineland, N.J. are picked in the morning and in our warehouse that night. CODE: A


image1insta 1 - jersey blues

Our Jersey blueberries are large and firm berries with good bloom and deep blueberry flavor, they don't get any better than this. We get deliveries every day of the week from the farmers at Diamond and Winner's Circle. CODE: BE4AA


ra4 insta_radish

Bunch radish balls, bright as ornaments, have so much visual appeal to start with. But when they come to us from our neighboring state, they're extra crisp and a deeper red with fresh, fluffy green tops. Similar sizing to their commodity alternative. CODE: RA4C



Our local mesclun comes from Satur Farms in Long Island. A delicate mix of tender baby lettuce leaves that may include Red and Green Romaine, Red and Green Oak Leaf, Summer Batavian, Red Leaf, Lollo Rosso, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Baby Spinach, Arugula and/or Wild Arugula. Pre-washed in an organically-approved sanitizing agent; no chlorine is used. CODE: MES2




Our local green kale has curly, smoky-blue/green leaves with a mild, cabbage-like flavor -- almost indistiguishable from its commodity alternative, except because its close to home, it's that much fresher! CODE: KA1A

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