Stock Up on These Sofi Award Winners Now

Stock Up on These Sofi Award Winners Now

Baldor Editors Jun 19 , 2016

The Sofi Awards are the Oscars of the specialty food universe.  Since 1972, a panel of culinary experts has chosen the most exceptional products on the market from a list of more than 3,000 submissions.  We can’t even imagine how many oils, crackers, chocolates, pickles and sauces these courageous judges eat during award season.  But, we’re glad they do!  This year, Baldor is honored to carry five Sofi award winning products and we highly recommend that you try them all.

Mama Lil’s Hungarian Goathorn Peppers

A winner in the appetizer category, Mama Lil's Sweet & Spicy Hungarian ‘Goathorn’ Peppers are among the Pacific Northwest's most well-loved regional delicacies. A hint of maple syrup in the brine gives these fruity, tangy and crunchy peppers a pleasant sweetness

Virgin Hazelnut Oil - Special Reserve

This is intensely flavorful oil from La Tourangelle won an award in the baking ingredient or flavor enhancer category. The virgin hazelnut oil is made simply by crushing and naturally extracting the amber oil of the nuts at low temperature using a century-old French press.

Triple Cream Goat Cheese

Coach Farm’s bloomy rind goat's milk cheese is aged just a few weeks to develop its bone white edible rind and ultra-creamy interior. The flavors are unbelievably rich with an almost buttery taste and a smooth, lemony finish. 

Cabot Creme Fraiche

This local crème fraiche won an award in the dairy and dairy alternatives category. Made from pure, farm-fresh cream with 37.5% butterfat, it delivers a rich taste and silky smooth texture every time; just what discerning chef's rely on. 

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