Satur Farms, Cutchogue, NY

Produce with Personality

About Satur Farms

Consider Satur Farms owners Chef Eberhard Müller and his wife Paulette Satur the “salad specialists.” They grow the finest baby leaf and leafy greens on their 160 acres of sandy loam soil in Long Island, NY. During winter months, they grow in the mild Florida climate to allow for year-round supply of sublimely fresh vegetables. It all began when they purchased their original farm on the North Fork of Long Island in 1997, with the intention of growing some vegetables and herbs for Chef Müller's restaurant. Colleagues in New York City asked if they might be able to buy their produce, and the farm as a business became a reality. Both owners are very involved and touch all aspects of the farm’s operations. In fact, you’ll find Paulette on the tractor in the early AM harvesting with her workers every day during the season. Satur Farms incorporates sustainable farming methods, not only in relation to their fields and the safe production of their vegetables, but also ensuring that their employees thrive. They practice crop rotations, so that the same family of vegetable is not planted in the same field block during the growing season. This helps minimize disease occurrence and feeds the soil.

Farming operations on Long Island’s North Fork in summer and in the mild Florida climate in winter allow for year-round supply of sublimely fresh vegetables.

Satur Farms

“We are hands-on owners: from the field to shipping out. This translates into freshness. My husband calls this the personalized touch.”

Paulette Satur, Owner