Food Service

Logistics Meets Quality

Pierless Fish was built on the belief that there’s a better way to source and connect chefs with high-quality fish. Our founder, Robert DeMasco, an experienced former chef, understood what restaurants seek, not only in the product they choose to welcome into their kitchens, but also, in the fisheries and fish distributors, they choose to trust and work with.

From the beginning, we decided that we would partner with local fishermen whenever possible, to bring in sustainably and responsibly caught products, while also connecting with fisherfolk whose home bases are in cross-country and international waters. We partner with people who love what they do, respect the waters, and bring great insight to the fishing world.

They pass the fish to our receivers, who, after years in the business, know exactly what they’re looking for, what to accept and, just as importantly, what to turn away.

Once the fish and seafood enter our building, our stand-out team of professionals takes over. They, too, come in, bringing their knowledge, experience, respect for the product, honesty, and integrity to every piece of fish that crosses their path. Our cutting team fabricate each item, scaling, cleaning, removing the skin and pin bones, shelling, and more, as requested, before ultimately sending the items out the door of our state-of-the-art HACCP-certified Sunset Park facility.

We deliver our fresh hand-cut ingredients to restaurants, hotels, markets, both small and large, upscale and casual, and seafood focused and not, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond, from our Brooklyn-based fleet of refrigerated trucks.

Since opening in 1999, we have proudly serviced top restaurants and chefs, including Daniel, Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern, Jeffrey’s Grocery, Marea, The Fulton, Mar at Mercado Little Spain, Dan Barber, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Bobby Flay, and Marc Meyer.