Crudité Essentials to Beat the Heat

Crudité Essentials to Beat the Heat

Cecilia Estreich Jul 27 , 2016

Let’s agree that it is way, way too hot right now.  After a week of this nonsense, we’re not trying to eat anything heated above the atmospheric 99 degrees that is dominating the East Coast.  Your customers just commuted home on a train with no air conditioner—they feel the same. 

So, give the sweaty masses what they want and serve them crudité.  It’s easy, profitable and, best of all; you don’t have to cook it.   Luckily, we’re fully stocked on adorable baby veg from the specialty produce pioneers at Babe Farms in California.  These guys started growing unique produce varieties when most of the country still got their vegetables from a can.  Their focus on consistent sizing and quality makes their baby vegetable line perfect for composed salads and crudité.  Check out our round-up of favorites!

Baby Candy Cane Beet

Because crudité shouldn’t be boring and stripes are fun.



Baby Fennel

This is a classic element of the Northern Italian take on crudité, Pinzimonio.


Baby French Carrot

These sweet, deep-orange baby carrots are grown from heirloom French seed.


Baby Mixed Colored Carrot

This gorgeous mix of maroon, white, yellow, pink, purple and orange carrots will ensure that your crudité platter doesn’t look like it came from the deli…

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Baby Thumbelina Carrot

Adorably round heirloom variety that is as sweet as it looks.


Purple Ninja Radish

This unique variety was inspired by European radishes and was actually created by Babe Farms in the early ‘90s.


French Breakfast Radish

Throw them on a plate with salted butter.  Call it an hors d’oeuvre.


Baby Tokyo Turnip

This tender Japanese heirloom is so sweet and juicy that it would be criminal to cook it.






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