Who's The Biggest Hipster at The Williamsburg Whole Foods?

Who's The Biggest Hipster at The Williamsburg Whole Foods?

Cecilia Estreich Jul 21 , 2016

According to this Thrillist article, we are! You read right—we’re bringing the Baldor experience to shoppers at the new Williamsburg Whole Foods through a little project that we’re calling The Baldor Forager. 


If you work in the industry, our first adventure in retail might not be big news—we know you’ve been using our wild mushrooms, heirloom chicories and microgreens since your days working garden manger.  But, if you’re a home cook, allow us to introduce ourselves!  We’re a family owned and operated distributor of produce and specialty foods.  We started out as part of the iconic Greenwich Village retail store Balducci’s, where we were one of the first businesses to introduce radicchio to the American market.  If you’re curious, there’s more in-depth info on our history here.  Don’t feel bad if our name doesn’t ring a bell.  We only sell to chefs, so it’s unlikely you would have heard of us. You may, however, have seen our trucks around town.  Once you start looking, we’re pretty much everywhere.





Back to The Baldor Forager—we’ve noticed that there are limited retail options for the specialty items that we built our name on.  For example, it ain’t so easy to go out and pick up a quarter pound of lobster mushrooms at your neighborhood Foodtown.  To combat this shortage of unique, chef-centric ingredients, we teamed up with Whole Foods to offer shoppers a convenient way to access pretty much anything under the sun.  Starting on Tuesday, July 26th with the opening of the long-awaited Williamsburg Whole Foods, you’ll be able to cook like a chef by using The Baldor Forager.  Once you browse our offerings with The Forager’s in-store digital interface, you can place your order and we’ll deliver it to the Williamsburg store for pick-up as early as the next day.  We think you’re going to love this access to new ingredients.  But, don’t blame us if you have to ask your favorite neighborhood chef for advice on how to use them!


ipad_forager (2)


Want to know more about the items we’ll be peddling? Check out these highlights—


Fresh Water Grown Wasabi Root


Finger Limes


Champagne Grapes


Black Conica Morel Mushrooms


Edible Pansies


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