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Steal These Nordic Culinary Staples

Steal These Nordic Culinary Staples

Cecilia Estreich Jun 3 , 2016

It is hard to discuss food over the past five years without mentioning New Nordic cuisineWhile the chefs behind this style of food have sometimes taken their experimentation to the border of absurdity, the cuisine’s underlying philosophy is appealing in its practicality, honesty and simplicity.  

New Nordic Trademarks:
• Reliance on ingredients whose characteristics reflect the landscape and terroir of the region
• Reinvigoration of traditional Nordic cooking techniques
• Simplicity, purity and seasonality

Influential Chefs:
• Rene Redzepi, Noma
• Claus Meyer, Agern, Gustu
• Magnus Nilsson, Faviken
• Rasmus Kofoed, Geranium

New Nordic Restaurant, Stateside:
Claus Meyer, a founder of the hugely influential restaurant Noma, recently opened Agern in NYC’s Grand Central Station.

Weirdest Nordic Dish:
Fyltur Lundi is a gem of a dish that we recently discovered in Magnus Nilsson’s encyclopedia of Nordic Cuisine, The Nordic Cookbook. It consists of puffins stuffed with sweet cake and boiled.

New Nordic Ingredient Round Up:



This wild plant is famous for the hollow, stinging hairs on its leaves. Once blanched, it can be used in soups or pastas and has a minerally, spinach-like flavor.


Wild Juniper Berries

Available in the late spring and summer, these wild berries can be pickled like capers when they’re immature and green.



This Nordic method to cure fish buries raw salmon in a dry mixture of salt, sugar and dill. The same method of curing works for any type of fatty fish, but salmon is most traditional.


Frozen Huckleberry

If we were really being authentic here, these would be lingonberries. In a pinch though, these wild foraged berries from the Pacific Northwest could do the trick.

Sassafras Root

This root is actually indigenous to North America, but we included it in the spirit of celebrating the terroir of our region here in the Northeast. This root is foraged in Dartmouth, Massachusetts by farmer and forager Eva Somaripa.

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