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How do I Pick the Perfect Potato?

How do I Pick the Perfect Potato?

Baldor Buyers Dec 3 , 2015

Dear Baldor Buyer,

Talk to me about the different starch content of your potatoes and what each variety is best used for.  Which is the best French fry potato and which is the best roasting potato?  Do the starch contents vary depending on the season?  Which potato has the most consistent starch content?


There are 7 main potato types on the market (although with the growing popularity of heirloom varieties this may soon increase).  This list includes russets, reds, whites, yellows, blues/purples, fingerlings and petites.  Of these varieties, some are classified as “starchy”, some “waxy” and some “all-purpose”.  For a potato to be deemed “starchy”, they must have a starch content higher than 22%.  Waxy potatoes contain less than 13% starch. 

The “floury” or “starchy” potatoes are best for frying, baking and mashing.  The most common varieties in this category are Russets and classic Idaho potatoes. For a consistently reliable French-fry potato, we typically recommend a GPOD which is a Russett Burbank variety. 

The “waxy” potatoes like Red Bliss or New Potatoes are better for boiling, casseroles and salads because they keep their shape well even after being cooked.  

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