Zack's Mighty, Brooklyn, NY

We make delicious tortilla chips that don't break in guacamole!

About Zack's Mighty

My name is Zack and tortilla chips are my favorite food. However, as much as I love tortilla chips, I HATE when they break in guacamole. I set out on a mission to create a delicious tortilla chip that doesn’t break in guacamole. What I found is that a good chip needs two things: the right process and the right corn. Zack’s Mighty Tortilla Chips are made using the traditional, tortilla-first process, giving each chip the strength to lift even the heftiest guac. Most tortilla chips you find in the store are not actually made from tortillas, but a truly authentic tortilla chip can only come from a tortilla.

We're the only chips in the world made using a blend of Dent and Flint corn - an heirloom we chose specifically for its Very Corny flavor. Flint Corn used to grow all across the Northeast of the US from roughly 1,000 AD up through the early 20th century. There used to be thousands of varieties of Flint Corn grown by the Native Americans before European contact but now there are only a handful of varieties left. We've partnered with farms in the Northeast to plant one such variety known as Otto File. To help us in this quest, we are also relying on more readily available Organic Yellow Dent Corn to blend in with our Organic Yellow Flint Corn as we work to rebuild this unique supply chain.


Zack's Mighty

"If a tortilla chip didn't first live as a tortilla, did it really live?"

Zack, Owner