Westbourne, New York, NY

La inspired, mission~driven, and vegetable~forward. Let’s come together to eat well, and do even better.

About Westbourne

Bringing the best of the west to the east, west~bourne is grounded in neighborhood hospitality, cooking for and giving back to our community. Mission~driven and zero~waste, from the beginning we’ve been rethinking what it means to be a restaurant; in the recent months, that reimagination has taken on a whole new direction.

Inspired by the irreverent spirit of 1960s Los Angeles, west~bourne celebrates mindful living and caring for our community through relishing moments around the table, together. Our menu focuses on creatively highlighting vegetables and seasonal treasures, while drawing on whimsical memories and nostalgic moments for culinary intention.

As moments of nourishment and gathering - whether on zoom, distanced and outside, or with your family and quaranteam - have been lighthouses throughout, so we’re excited to bring some bites from our kitchen to yours.



“You make more decisions about food and beverage in your daily life than almost anything else. What if that could have a real impact?”

Camilla Marcus