Virtue Cider, Fennville, MI

Virtue, It's at our Core

About Virtue Cider

Cider, a seemingly simple drink; apples plus time. At Virtue Cider, we know that it is a bit more complex. Proper farmhouse cider is a style tied to provenance and process. Because proper farmhouse cider needs traditional craftsmanship learned from faraway lands, combined with sustainable methods. Proper cider needs a blend of the finest apples, grown in orchards with just the right climate. Proper cider needs hand-picked apples, barrels, and cider makers with a ton of patience. Because like all good things in life, proper cider needs time. They say patience is a Virtue, it just so happens that Virtue requires patience. Virtue, it's at our core. 

Virtue Cider

""Virtue’s blended ciders have layers that unfold like fine wines.""

Saveur Magazine, October 2013