Urban Roots , Bronx, NY

Veggie Focused, Busy-life Approved.

About Urban Roots

Urban Roots was created by people who love vegetables, for people who love vegetables. It also was created for people who seek out high quality farm freshness no matter their knife skills, how little time they have, or how few tools they have in their kitchen. Our products are prepped in HAACP certified facilities (read: a third-party auditor who ensures we’re working cleanly and safely) and are always shipped out within 24 hours of the first cut. Explore our products — they range from ready to cook side kits, salsas, and pre-chopped, sliced, shredded, spiralized & riced ready to cook vegetables, to perfectly portioned, ready to wash veggies.


Urban Roots

"Urban Roots shows a certain smart humility and New York savvy that could be game-changing, as much as Amazon buying Whole Foods."

Forbes Magazine