TMI Trading, Brooklyn, NY

Handmade dumplings, Noodles and Other Asian Delicacies

About TMI Trading

TMI began in a 3,000 sq-foot noodle factory in New York's Chinatown district in 1989 with the mission of creating fresher and better tasting noodles. Within 3 years the company expanded to a 22,000 ft² facility in Brooklyn and eventually added dumplings and other Asian specialties to their product mix. Today, TMI employs over 300 people and occupies more than 200,000 ft² in Brooklyn. It is comprised of the brands Twin Marquis, Chef One, and Tang's Natural, each specializing in its own category of goods. In 2001, TMI Trading, a line of imported goods from Asia, was added under the TMI umbrella with the intent of broadening the selection of Asian specialties in local markets. TMI's commitment to fresh, delicious ingredients and innovative product development has made them New York's leading Asian food company. 

TMI Trading

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