The Piggery, Ithaca, NY

Local Family Farms

About The Piggery

The Piggery is a small group of local. family farms committed to raising heritage breed hogs on sustainably managed pastures without hormones, routine antibiotics or GMO feeds.   

They're also a regionally recognized butcher shop that specializes in handcrafting small batch Nitrate Free deli meats, bacons, fresh sausages, flavorful cuts, charcuterie and more! You can read all about their practices or visit their farm's YouTube channel here to learn more. 

The Piggery

The Piggery is proud to source only sustainably pasture raised heritage hogs from small, Finger Lakes farm (including ours!) and handcraft familiar/convenient goods like our Nitrate Free deli meats, breakfast sausage patties, shoulder bacon, fresh cuts, and much more for our awesome customers.

Heather Sandford