The Perfect Puree, NAPA, CA

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About The Perfect Puree

For almost 30 years, The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley has perfected the art of flavor to meet the highest standards of the most discerning chefs, pastry chefs and bartenders. Long standing relationships with our growers and support of their sustainable practices enable us to source premium fruits harvested at the peak of ripeness. Quickly processed and frozen to retain absolute freshness, our purees, specialties and blends are consistent in taste, texture and color, and contain no artificial sweeteners, additives or preservatives. Our range of flavors offer endless creativity for beverage, savory and pastry dishes.


The Perfect Puree

"The Perfect Purée is a fantastic line with great American flavors. They have a fresh, clean taste and the perfect consistency for any application. From sauce painting to ice cream making, they just work magic into any dessert. Now tell me where else would you find flavors like Blackberry or Prickly Pear?"

Wayne Harley Brachman, Pastry Art & Design Magazine

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