The Fine Cheese Co., Bath, England

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About The Fine Cheese Co.

Based in the heart of the English West Country, The Fine Cheese Co.'s roots lie in its original cheese shop, in the historic city of Bath. Founded by Ann-Marie Dyas, the company’s cheese and accompaniments for cheese are supplied worldwide, and have been in the US for more than 20 years.
All of The Fine Cheese Co.’s crackers are hand-baked by their sister company, Artisan Biscuits, who have been baking in England’s Peak District for over 100 years.

One of the company’s oldest ranges, and one that beautifully exemplifies their approach, is the Miller's Damsel range of savory crackers. Named after the Miller’s profession, the crackers are composed of high-quality, natural ingredients that have been transformed into something even better.
Miller’s Damsel Gluten-Free Charcoal Crackers are one such example. Made with a blend of gluten-free cereals and flours, these ultra-thin, dark and crisp crackers have an emphasis on the simplicity and goodness of natural ingredients. They can be considered neutral crackers designed to partner foods such as cheese, pâtés and dips.

In contrast, Miller’s Toast can be considered the Miller’s masterpieces. Available in three flavors, they are crisp and snappable, but also replete with wholesome ingredients, such as fine fruits, seeds and honey. They are the perfect snack for any time of day, either alone or with food.
The Fine Cheese Co.’s ranges of crackers were created in order to supply accompaniments that were of the same high quality as the cheeses they carried.


The Fine Cheese Co.

"Throughout our history, we have been led by Ann-Marie. Ann-Marie cared deeply about what she did, and everyone knew it. She may no longer be with us, but her taste and her enthusiasm live on."

John Siddall - Company Director