Sfoglini Pasta, West Coxsackie, NY

Organic American Grains. Traditional Italian Techniques.

About Sfoglini Pasta

Sfoglini was born from the vision of Chef Steve Gonzalez who has been a part of some of the most formidable pasta programs in New York City: Insieme, Hearth, Roberta’s, and Frankies Sputino, and former creative director Scott Ketchum who both talked for years about bringing a superior, locally produced pasta to New York.

Sfoglini believes delicious pasta can be sustainably sourced and support local farms. It can be created with the very best ingredients. And, it can be made in America. That’s why they use all American grains to produce organic pastas here, in New York.

But they also respect the Italian way – Sfoglini (pronounced “sfo-lee-nee”) is inspired by “sfogline” meaning the generations of women who perfected the art of pasta-making – and use the traditional Italian, centuries-old technique. That's why Sfoglini uses traditional bronze dies to give its pasta a textured, porous surface for your sauce to cling to, and also why they dry it at low temperatures to preserve its nutrition and flavor.

The result? Delicious American pasta, simple as that.

Sfoglini Pasta

"What sets Sfoglini pastas apart is the quality of ingredients we use combined with the tradition and ingenuity we devote to making our pasta."

Scott Ketchum, Co-Owner