Senat Poultry, Paterson, NJ

Free Roaming & Grain Fed

About Senat Poultry

Senat Poultry are hormone and antibiotic free and are 100% vegetarian grain-fed. All of their chickens are free of GMO, pesticides, and hormones.  Senat’s facility is the first slaughterhouse in the country that is dedicated fully to the Halal name.  They are humanely raised, free roaming and are the winners of Bon Appetit’s 2009 Best Tasting Chicken Award. These succulent, tender, exceptionally tasty chickens are a Penobscott/Cobb cross (originally a Maine breed) now raised in Lancaster Valley in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Senat Poultry

Best Tasting Chicken Award

Bon Appetit, 2009