Savor Fresh Farms, YUMA, AZ

Where Flavorful Melons Come First

About Savor Fresh Farms

This group of farmers is devoted to growing melons, and only melons.  Their total focus is on production, harvesting and shipping melons, with each stage managed by a family member.  The company’s founders, Milas Russell Jr. and wife Diana, make it their goal to maximize food safety in the fields, and grow for sweetness, taste, color and consistency. They leave melons out in the field longer than most growers to drink up sun and develop sugars.

Savor Fresh Farm’s season starts in California’s Imperial Valley in late spring, then moves to Yuma, Az. followed by the San Joaquin Valley of California during the summer months, then returns to Yuma for the final harvest in the fall. During this 6 month run Baldor has supplies of the most succulent, flavorful, safe melons both whole and fresh cut.

Savor Fresh Farms

With the end use customers in mind, we have reshaped our business model in order to bring the best eating experience possible to each and every consumer.