Saltopia, Long Valley, NJ

Infused Sea Salts

About Saltopia

SALTOPIA Infused Sea Salts is owned by Kimarie Santiago, founder and creator of the brand. SALTOPIA uses only naturally harvested sea salts from all over the world. They currently have established salt harvesting farms in all seven continents and import about 28 different types of salts. All flavors are unrefined and pure as Mother Nature intended, without chemicals added such as bleach, anti-caking agents, or pouring agents. Their salt infusion process involves allowing the salts to absorb the natural juices & aromas that are extracted from herbs, fruits, vegetables, wine and other organic goods that are hand selected. An important part of the company is to support sustainability by purchasing produce from local farms for each salt creation. SALTOPIA’s sea salts enhance any recipe with rich, complex flavor. SALTOPIA offers seductive flavors such as strawberries, ginger root and lavender to create aromatic sea salts destined to become your favorite secret ingredient.


"As a professional ballerina, there were two things I’d always carry around with me: my ballet shoes and a jar of unrefined rock salt. Anyone who endures long amounts of exercise needs salt. Natural salt contains ions which help carry water to our cells—if you’re active, drink lots of water and still feel lethargic, you may not be getting enough."

Kimarie Santiago, Edible Jersey