Ronnybrook Dairy, Ancramdale, NY

Small Batch Dairy Products from NY's Hudson Valley

About Ronnybrook Dairy

The Ronnybrook family has been in business for over 70 years and they manage every phase of milk production – from farm to the cows to the bottling plant – with no third parties involved. During the spring, summer, and fall, their cows feed primary on fresh pasture that grows on Ronnybrook’s own Hudson Valley farm. In winter, the cows consume large amounts of hay that was harvested on the farm during summer. Though not certified, Ronnybrook’s farming methods are by all practical measures organic, if not beyond. They use no pesticides on the fields, manure is the fertilizer of choice and they use cropping techniques that promote healthy soil.

Baldor now serves as the delivery arm for all Ronnybrook products. We pick up daily from the farm and distribute to all their customers throughout the tri-state area. Because they are our closest dairy neighbors, Baldor can get Ronnybrook products to you within 24-36 hours of production.

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Ronnybrook Dairy

"When our parents began farming they were characterized as being progressive and modern because of their recognition of the importance of balanced nutrition, genetics and record keeping. 70 years later, we are considered old-fashioned: a quality we are proud of."

Ronnybrook Dairy