Remembrance Farm, Trumansburg, NY

Organic, Biodynamic produce grown in Trumansburg, NY

About Remembrance Farm

Remembrance Farm is a 100 acre Biodynamic vegetable farm located in Trumansburg, New York, in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region. It is owned and operated by Nathaniel and Emily Thompson who share an abiding belief that physical well-being nurtures inner strength and self-knowledge. In this spirit, they strive to grow the highest quality organic salad greens to nourish both mind and body. Spicy Asian leaves are tossed with edible flowers, herbs and tender baby lettuce for a yin/yang flavor pop. All their greens, which include baby kales, arugula, tatsoi, amaranth and more, are always impeccable, tasty and fresh.  In the Thompson’s view, fastidious attention to production details coupled with organic and biodynamic farming methods (using composted manures and cover crops, for example) consistently nurtures the highest quality crops.

Remembrance Farm

"The name, Remembrance Farm, serves as a constant reminder of the inner desires and aims that initially drew us to farming.  We wish to lead a life in which the outer conditions of life support and nurture our inner search for self-knowledge.  We hope that the efforts of that search, as they are made real through our work on the farm, enliven the food we produce in a deeper way.  Such food will, we hope, support both the physical and spiritual health of our customers as they too seek meaning in this life we share."

Nathaniel and Emily Thompson farmer-owners, Remembrance Farm