Red Earth Farm, Kempton, PA

Family-owned and operated since 2006

About Red Earth Farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kempton, PA, there is a Farmer, Michael Ahlert, and a Farmer's wife, Charis Lindrooth, with their diligent crew and three children, sustainably tending to 35 acres of vegetables and herbs. The family owned and operated farm never uses pesticides, herbicides, or GMO seed, in hopes of growing the best possible product and leaving the land in a better state for future generations. 

A longtime farming duo, Mike and ​Charis made a name for themselves early on in the local produce game with their innovative You Choose CSA. The creative design, unlike most CSA programs at the time, put the consumers' needs at the forefront by allowing members to place direct orders with the Farmer and receive a fresh box of nutritious, local goodies every week. The You Choose model pushed the Farmer and his crew from the get-go to uphold particularly high standards, with careful dedication to quality and attention to detail. Many market goers visit REF without fail every weekend and chefs swear the product is "out of this world". Nothing makes the Farmer and the Farmers wife happier than knowing their labors of love provide nourishment and bring people together.

Red Earth Farm

The task of the modern farm is to feed people while stewarding the land for future generations. The modern farmer does this with a passion for the alchemy of the soil, seed, weather and the people that intertwine with this process. At Red Earth Farm we cultivate more than just vegetables. We cultivate life.

Red Earth Farms Team