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Progressive Produce is a year-round grower/packer/distributor of fresh produce. In 1967, Nace Cohen and Charles Gilb, founded Progressive Produce as a potato and onion company. In their first year they merged potato production- wholesaling, packing, refrigeration, transportation and sales- all under one roof. They have grown during the past 48 years growing and shipping thousands of acres potatoes, onions & asparagus year round and continue to expand their organic offerings. They grow thousands of acres throughout North and South America of potatoes, onions, asparagus and other fruits and vegetables. Progressive’s goal is to be a valuable category partner in all commodities sold, provide outstanding service 365 days a year, and be recognized by our customers as a critical factor in their success.

The Hollywood Fries brand was developed in 2010 to give buyers the confidence of ordering a consistent, reliable product that provides their customers the same high quality french fries, time after time. The response to the product in limited markets has been excellent and the demand has continued to grow. Hollywood Fries potatoes come from unique seed varieties that produce a denser potato. As a result, it has an appealing texture that absorbs very little oil, which makes for healthier fries that stay crisp, light and flavorful. The potatoes also have low sugar content, allowing them to fry up to a light, golden brown. Progressive Produce found seed varieties that would consistently fry up light, crispy and tasty, then worked with growers to produce the special frying potato at different times of the year to ensure a year-round supply.

Progressive Produce

Once someone tries Hollywood Fries, there’s no going back to ordinary French fries.  Whether prepared by first-timers or gourmet chefs, these fries are absolutely irresistible and consumers can tell the difference.

Jack Gyben, Vice President of Progressive Produce