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About Prime Food Distributor (PFD)

PFD has been a leading producer of meat and poultry products since 2005, fabricating out of a state-of-the-art facility located in Port Washington, N.Y. They operate like a boutique butcher shop, selecting only the best quality meat graded by the USDA and custom-cutting and portion-packaging it. They marry modern food safety practices with old school butchering that relies on a trained butcher’s eyes and hands. PFD meat is curated, custom cut to order, boxed and shipped by the end of each day. Each step of the way there are people who are watching over the beef, ensuring it is raised, harvested, and delivered as promised.

As one of the largest independent processors of USDA Prime Beef in the nation and a top tier purveyor of high quality meats, PFD meats are featured in some of the most renowned restaurants in the country. They are elite meat fabricators and packers, committed to their mission of sustained industry growth while implementing responsible and humane practices to improve the environment and their community.

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Prime Food Distributor (PFD)

“The attention to detail is incredible. I think they’re taking dry age to another level.”

Robert Rebholtz Jr. CEO, Agri Beef