Ponthier, Paris, France

Premium Fruit Purées

About Ponthier

Since 1946, Ponthier has been producing a complete gourmet range of fruits in the form of frozen whole (IQF) purées, coulis and preparations for desserts. The company is situated in the Corrèze region of France, which enjoys a rich gastronomical heritage of fruits. Ponthier remains loyal to the authenticity of the local produce, to tradition and to its recipes. 

Ponthier purees are made with peak season fruits, coming from carefully selected varieties and harvested at the right time of maturity. All Ponthier products are made with only fruit and pure cane sugar; with the exception of their coconut flavor. The consistency and smoothness of their products far outranks their competition. 




The high quality of Ponthier fruit purées has allowed me to perfect my pastries and fruit ice creams.

Emmanuel Ryon