Phillips Farms, Milford, NJ

Great Food, Locally Grown

About Phillips Farms

Established in the mid-1800s, Phillips Farms began as a typical small farm in the country. We raised a little of everything.  In 1995, Marc Phillips took over the family farm, and he planted the 150 acres of land and started growing everything from carrots and Brussels sprouts to strawberries and peaches. Today, the farm has grown to over 200 acres and feeds thousands of families by providing them with locally-grown farm-fresh food.

Phillips Farms is recognized by the state of New Jersey as part of the Garden State Farmland Preservation Trust Program. This means the farm is protected so that you, your children and your grandchildren can enjoy the benefits of fresh, local food for generations to come.

Phillips Farms has been acknowledged for its outstanding farm practices using the sustainable approach of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Things like plant diseases, weeds and crop-destroying insects are a very real part of farming in this part of the country. The farm focuses on controlling pests and crop disease by methods such as rotating crops and disrupting the mating patterns of insects so they can’t reproduce. Phillips Farms believes using IPM to prevent problems is the best solution for a healthy environment for everyone, and is part of our ongoing commitment to providing quality produce for our customers. 

Phillips Farms

“Phillips Farms is driven to providing you with the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious produce possible.  We harvest crops at their peak flavor and get them to you quickly, sometimes just hours after they were picked.  That translates into produce that tastes better, looks better, and is healthier for you.”  

Phillips Team