Pernigotti, Milan, Italy

Gelato, Sorbet Bases and Pastes

About Pernigotti

Savor a taste of Italy with Pernigotti Gelato ingredients. As one of Italy’s oldest and largest producers of gelato products, Pernigotti provides delicious bases, pastes, ripples, fruits, and decorations—everything you need— to create this tempting treat, and combine with your pastry, cake and semifreddo recipes. 

Founded in 1860 by entrepreneur Stefano Pernigotti, in the Italian city of Novi Ligure, Pernigotti began as a producer of Torrone (a confection made from honey, almonds and hazelnuts), then Gianduiotto, and in 1936 began producing ingredients for Gelato. After WWII, Pernigotti had become the largest Italian producer to the chocolate, Torrone and Gelato markets.


We want to offer our customers unforgettable moments of pleasure, delighting them with several taste experiences, suitable for all ages and occasion of consumption.

the Pernigotti Team