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Perfect Foods

About Perfect Foods

Perfect Foods is a small, family owned business that started growing wheatgrass and sprouts in Brooklyn in 1982 when not a blade of grass could be found in the city. The owner, Harley Matsil, works side by side with his wife Alyse to bring wheatgrass to New York. Harley is the pioneer of urban farming and a leading figure in New York City’s organic raw foods movement. He is a popular speaker for urban farming and health education.


Perfect Foods brought wheatgrass to the East Coast and now supplies locally grown, organic and sustainable wheatgrass and sprouts to hundreds of juice bars in the Tri-State Area through their own indoor growing facility that’s in operation seven days a week fifty-two weeks of the year to bring the freshest possible products right to you. With 35 plus years of refining their product and process, the family uses rich composted soil, sun-simulated lighting, and purified water to guarantee the greenest, healthiest wheatgrass and baby greens in the world.  Wheatgrass and sprouts are widely known to be the main superfoods and healers in the world. With just one shot nutritionally equivalent to 2.5 pounds of green vegetables there is nothing greener, sweeter or more life giving than fresh Perfect Foods Wheatgrass. And the family won’t stop there! Harley, Alyse and their kids have plans to make wheatgrass mainstream through The Green Shot brand for a greener, happier and healthier New York.

Perfect Foods

“More than just a farm business, we’re a community and home based health and wellness program through our products”

Harley Matsil