Parcelle Wine, New York, NY

An online wine retailer with smart, delicious wines for every scenario in your life.

About Parcelle Wine

Parcelle opened in 2018 with a team comprised of some of the country’s best sommeliers; we have spent years introducing guests to wines in a restaurant setting. Our objective at Parcelle is to bring that experience and opportunity to you by offering smart, delicious wines for every scenario in your life.

Our selections reflect a limited number of producers, all of whom we consider best in class—they are committed to the craft of winemaking, rather than to the commercialization of the product, and most farm organically. We strive to bring you well-made wines at many price points and from many areas of the world.

Whether it’s a bottle for every day or for a super special occasion, we are here to ensure you’ll always be drinking something good.





Parcelle Wine

"Reynolds brings the logic of a restaurant wine list to the shelves at Parcelle with bottles that are ready to drink then and there. His focus on seasonal wines goes beyond rosé from May to September and Cabernet once the temperatures drop below freezing. Most wine shops, Reynolds says, don’t stock their shelves with wines that are in prime drinking condition. But a selection of wines at their peak is a priority for him at Parcelle."