Old Chatham Creamery, Groton, NY

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About Old Chatham Creamery

Old Chatham Creamery has been making award-winning sheep milk cheeses and yogurt for 25 years. Milk for their handmade cheeses and yogurt comes from their own flock of Laucune and East Friesian sheep, one of the largest flocks of its kind in America, located at their dairy, Shepherd’s Way, in Locke, NY. This year, production will move from their legacy Shaker Barn facility in Old Chatham, NY, to a brand new production facility in the Finger Lakes, just up the hill from Shepherd’s Way. Old Chatham is a fully integrated operation, combining sheep husband techniques that prioritize the robust health of the flock with cutting edge technology and handmade expertise from a dedicated team of artisans. The combination of these elements — size, vertical integration, faming values, artisanal expertise, and their legacy as one of the pioneers of handmade cheese in America — make Old Chatham unique. Their products are featured on menus of the best restaurants in America, especially in New England and across the Northeast.

Old Chatham Creamery

"We’re proud to continue Old Chatham’s legacy as one of America’s pioneers of the artisanal cheese movement, and excited about our next chapter in the Finger Lakes.  As we grow, with help from our staff and team of artisans, we’ll continue making the products that made Old Chatham famous, and develop some new cheeses too.”

Dave & Sally Galton, Owners