Norwich Meadows Farm, Norwich, NY

Organically growing everything under the sun for over 20 years!

About Norwich Meadows Farm

After working in the dairy division at Cornell Cooperative Extension for six years, Zaid Kurdieh and his wife Haifa decided to open their own certified organic farm in 1998. Starting with just an half acre behind their house, their vision of supporting the community has become a reality and now they farm over 200 acres. Norwich Meadows Farm produces food that is free of harsh chemicals and is grown using natural fertilizers. Realizing the health of the earth’s resources is paramount in the production of food, they have made a promise to always strive to preserve their agricultural land, and to use it in a manner that is economically, ecologically, and ethically sound. The secret mix of organic micronutrients in their soil is why their crops taste “way different.” As Zaid likes to say: “we grow strictly for flavor, not for storage.”

Norwich Meadows Farm

“The cycle of life is organic, it’s not chemical. We have destructed and pushed nature out of balance by using these things. Even intense organic is much closer to nature than a very pesticide-chemical type of system. This has been my philosophy for a long time; it’s not new.”

Zaid Kurdieh, Owner