North Fork Potato Chips, Mattituck NY

We know potatoes

About North Fork Potato Chips

Since 1910, the Sidor Family has grown potatoes on Oregon Road in Mattituck . The third generation, Martin and Carol, moved to the homestead in 1973 and continue to raise potatoes on the original 62 acres Martin's grandfather bought. Looking for a way to energize the family farm they had their eyes peeled for something new. They found it. Potato chips. Now they are not only growing potatoes but chipping them too!


North Fork Potato Chips

"I have known the Martin and Carol Sidor Farms family, makers of North Fork Potato Chips for years. Proud to serve their all-natural kettle-cooked chips with family and at large culinary events across the U.S. Most recently, my national TV audience was delighted to see their story on the 25th anniversary PBS TV series, George Hirsch Lifestyle. Down to earth goodness in every bag!"

Chef George Hirsch