Nettle Meadow Farm, Warrensburg, NY

Happy Goats. Great Cheese!

About Nettle Meadow Farm

Located in Thurman, New York, Nettle Meadow Farm has been owned by Shelia Flanagan and Lorraine Lambiase since 2005.  The name “Nettle Meadow” was inspired by the presence of wild nettles and herbs in the field where their herd of goats grazed. Today Nettle Meadow is home to over 300 Alpine, Nubian, Saanen and mixed breed goats as well as cows and sheep – all of whom are still pasture-raised. They exclusively produce cheese with milk from their own herd, giving their cheese a truly unique flavor generated by terroir. 

Nettle Meadow Farm

"Nettle Meadow Farm is truly committed to the artisanal nature of each of our cheeses, the use of natural and organic ingredients and the well-being of all our animals."

Nettle Meadow