Martin's Farm, SALINAS, CA

An Expert in Organic Produce

About Martin's Farm

Martin Bournhonesque has farmed since 1990 in several different areas in and around the Salinas Valley, south of San Francisco. Since 2003 he has been producing at ALBA (Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association), located in the Salinas Valley. He also rents additional land in Soledad. These two areas allows him to farm different soil types and micro climates, which enables him to plant different crops best suited for each of these areas.

He grows in greenhouses and receives the benefits of high quality and productivity of this region. Even aware that sustainability is a big challenge, Martin doesn’t feel discouraged to work with ecological alternatives, such as using chicken manure fertilizer and compost, removing crops when they have suffered pest damage and frequently rotating crops to keep herbivorous insects under control. He grows peppers, eggplants, beans; a lot of salad greens: arugula, spinach, chard; a lot of root vegetables: leeks, carrots, turnips, beets.

Martin's Farm

"Our sound organic farming practices, from crop rotation, use of beneficial insect habitat, cover crops, etc, enable us to deter most pest issues in our fields. We never spray or use any pesticides, organic or otherwise, on any of our crops. On the rare occasion we have pest problems, we usually turn the crop under. In our fields we harvest to order for our customers." 

Martin Bournhonesque, Owner