Kingsburg Orchards, FRESNO, CA

The Flavor Farmers

About Kingsburg Orchards

Kingsburg Orchards includes a group of some of the most reputable stone fruit growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  It’s a family owned and operated company with over 5 generations of “farming for flavor.”  Today Kingsburg offers over 200 varieties of fresh fruit including White Peaches, White Nectarines, Pluots, Peacharines, and Apriums.  

Kingsburg’s California fruit is grown, packed, and shipped at peak freshness from May until February.  Kingsburg Orchards invests heavily in its own exclusive nursery program – which focuses on the creation of new proprietary varieties.  The Kingsburg growers believe in creating new and improved varieties, and growing great eating, long-lasting fruit.


Kingsburg Orchards

"Farming is a demanding profession. But for us, it’s a labor of love. Our passion for what we do has always been the foundation of our family business."

George Jackson, Owner