Juice Served Here, Los Angeles, CA

Never Conventional

About Juice Served Here

Juice Served Here is and innovative and chic cold-pressed juice company curating an elevated health experience. We exist to make first class health a convenient part of your daily ritual. Fresh-pressed in Los Angeles, California since 2012. Our difference is in the taste - we hand-picked our farms to work with the most nutrient dense produce of our chef, prepared recipes. Unlike others, we are never cut with cheap fillers. We are 100% Non-GMO, cold-pressed in a zero-waste facility, we are never conventional. 


Why Juice | Served Here?

100% Non-GMO cold pressed in Downtown Los Angeles, made in a zero-waste facility. Innovative and unique chef prepared recipes. Nutrient dense, packed with exceptional ingredients. Over 6lbs of produce per bottle in the core line. Packaged in a custom mold bottle that is second to none. 

Juice Served Here

Welcome to your new daily ritual

 “Juice is the new coffee”


Jeff Gordimer, The New York Times