ilili, New York, NY

The premier institution of Lebanese food culture and hospitality values in NYC.

About ilili

We are honored to celebrate Mediterranean “joie-de-vivre” and share the culture of Lebanon in the heart of New York City.

Since 2007, our home in the Flatiron District has introduced the passion and generosity of the Lebanese table to hundreds of thousands of curious diners while comforting native Lebanese guests with a celebration of their homeland and values. Owner and Executive Chef Philippe Massoud expertly crafts a sophisticated blend of modern and traditional Lebanese cuisine drawing influences from the span of the Levant.

Flavorful herbs and spices combine to delight the palate; earthy and delicate textures emerge from innovative combinations of savory and sweet; each bite reveals a deeper story behind the birth of the Mediterranean.

Our warm hospitality drives our mission to make every guest and team member feel fundamentally honored and genuinely welcomed. We are here to share; to pass fresh pita bread and mezze amongst old friends and new; to celebrate life and its delicious bounty.  Whether a party of two or a large group of fifty your experience will be elegant, comfortable, and memorable.

We invite you to experience our old-world hospitality, timeless generosity, and tireless dedication to uncovering and sharing the rich traditions of Lebanon and the Levant.

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“Lebanese food revolves around balance and diversity, and defines itself as being a melting pot of experiences. Here at ilili, we hope the love and passion that we have for the food and spirit of Lebanon resonates in the hospitality, flavors, textures and essence of all the dishes you enjoy with us.”

Philippe Massoud Owner / Executive Chef