Hearth Restaurant, New York, NY

Serving healthy and delicious food since 2003

About Hearth Restaurant

Hearth is the East Village farm-to-table restaurant from Chef Marco Canora, recipient of the James Beard Award for Best Chef NYC 2017. Chef Canora's cuisine, with a nod to Tuscany, employs seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients that taste, look, and smell delicious. Vegetables are crowned supreme on the Hearth menu. And only meat from happy, healthy pastured animals, free of antibiotics and growth hormones, is used. Intact, non-GMO heirloom varieties of grain are milled into flour on site daily, and good fats, like extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter, and ghee, are celebrated. The Hearth kitchen visits the Union Square Greenmarket as a team to discover what new gifts their farmer friends have coaxed from the Earth, and nightly menus are built from these offerings.
Building connections with the East Village community for 17 years, Hearth is honored to have an incredibly diverse following of neighbors, friends, and regulars. Hearth’s ethos is one of inclusivity, creativity, health & wellness, and the joy of sharing beautiful food and wine at a table with friends and family.
Chef Marco Canora is the author of 3 cookbooks, including Salt to Taste, A Good Food Day, and, most recently, Brodo, also the name of his pioneering bone broth shops and online store.


Hearth Restaurant

“…[Hearth’s] menu is built around food from growers Canora has vetted for careful farming practices, emphasizing local, healthy and sustainable.”

Wine & Spirits Magazine