Happy Egg Co, Rogers, AR

Always Choose Happy

About Happy Egg Co

At Happy Egg, we know happiness is a choice. We choose happy every day from the way we treat our hens to the delicious, high quality eggs you put on your family’s table. Because we know when all of us “choose happy”, each day gets a little brighter.

From farms in America’s heartland in Missouri and Arkansas, Happy Egg Free Range Eggs give you farmers market quality: Our large, brown, grade A eggs come from hens living all-natural, hormone-free, and pesticide-free on over eight acres of pasture per farm, which is important considering most grocery store eggs come from hens who never go outside.

Our special, customized feed gives our hens a vegetarian, nutrient-rich, all natural, and hormone-free diet. Plus, since our hens are free range and outside up to 8 hours a day, they get some of their diet from foraging for bugs and insects in the pasture!

That leads to yolks that have a richer, deeper amber color, and that “plump up” more. That means you always get fluffier, tastier eggs and recipes!


Happy Egg Co

“We believe that when you choose Happy Egg, you're choosing the best-tasting, farmer's market quality eggs possible, leading to a happier meal and home for your family. We're excited to be part of making people's day a little brighter."

Dan Arnsperger, CEO