Get Fresh Bakehouse, Farfield, NJ

Gluten-Free Breads Crafted by Classically Trained Bread Bakers

About Get Fresh Bakehouse

Get Fresh Bakehouse is a local baker in Fairfield, NJ making terrific, individually-wrapped gluten free breads, brownies and cookies.  When Jeff Robbins first learned that his youngest daughter had Celiac disease, he explored the competitive landscape and together with his friend Peter Mykrantz, consolidated a baking team to develop their product line.  With the addition of a Culinary Institute of America trained bakers, Get Fresh Bakehouse was started and has been developing and selling award winning, critically acclaimed products since mid-2011. Their hope was that people would say the products just “taste good” and not say they “taste good for gluten-free”.   ‘Individually wrapped’ is the operative word here. Any restauranteur or chef is always ready with a truly fresh product to accommodate the occasional request for gluten free products.  And you won’t be stuck with a case of stale product in between those requests.

Get Fresh’s newest item is a Multi-Grain Baguette that actually boasts a crunchy crust and satisfying flavor – everyone at the table will be happy with this toothsome, tasty baguette.  Baldor also carries Get Fresh Bakehouse sliced sandwich bread, dinner rolls, granola, brownies and cookies.  

Get Fresh Bakehouse

Our mission is to be a great bakery, not just a great gluten-free bakery.

Get Fresh Bakehouse