Eva's Garden, DARTMOUTH, MA

Agricultural Artisan

About Eva's Garden

Located on the coastal plain approximately 70 miles south of Boston, Eva’s Garden - like it’s namesake proprietor - is one of a kind.  Eva's Garden began as a kitchen garden in 1975, with the desire to grow the freshest, best tasting, and most nutritious food.  When the garden started producing more than her family could eat, Eva started selling to Boston area chefs.  She now grows over 200 uncommon herbs, greens, and edible “weeds” on her 3 acre plot of land that can be found on the menus of many famous restaurants in the Northeast. Eva is not limited by traditional expectations, and is driven by exploring different taste frontiers.  Her exceptional edible flowers, herbs, and wild foraged items change with the seasons. She celebrate these changes, and custom picks to ensure freshness.

Eva's Garden

“More people are becoming more adventurous eaters. They are eager to try new foods, including wild plants. Foods grown with a focus on both human and environmental health are gaining appreciation among the public, and gaining ground on our farm.”

Eva Sommaripa, Owner