Di Stefano, Pomona, CA

Premium Italian Cheese

About Di Stefano

We are a family owned cheese company in Southern California that has a lifetime of experience, tradition and passion for making cheese. Di Stefano sources from a single dairy located 20 minutes down the road from our plant and we ensure our cows are fed a nutritious, grass-fed diet. This produces an all natural milk that has not been tainted with hormones; we pay a premium for a higher butterfat milk content!

The owner and founder of Di Stefano Cheese, Mimmo Bruno introduced burrata to the North American palate in 1993. Our boutique-style cheese plant is dedicated to making fresh burrata, mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta, Samorza and Caciocavallo. Di Stefano Cheese produces the most authentic, award winning fresh cheeses available in the US.

Di Stefano

"Our boutique-style artisan cheese plant is dedicated to making burrata and other fresh Italian style cheeses. We ensure our cheese is the most authentic available in the United States."

Di Stefano Team