Deer Creek Heights Ranch, Porterville, CA

Specialty citrus, done the organic way.

About Deer Creek Heights Ranch

Buck Brand from Deer Creek Heights Ranch offers a unique and expansive array of organic, specialty citrus for the culinary master or the snacking professional. Everything under the Buck Brand label was hand selected by a citrus aficionado looking to share his love of citrus with the world. Because of that, you will find exceptional citrus offerings available from late fall to early spring. From extraordinarily sweet mandarins to the fascinating Buddha’s hand, there truly is something for anyone to discover and enjoy.


Deer Creek Heights Ranch

“I think all farmers have a love for growing things. It’s the wonderment of seeing this miracle occur of putting something in the ground and waiting a year and seeing something come out that’s totally different—and you’re able to consume that or provide it for others to consume and live...”

John France, Farmer and Founder of Homegrown Organic Farms