Cocojune, New York, NY

Creamy probiotic plant-based yogurt, made from certified organic ingredients grown in harmony with nature.

About Cocojune

Cocojune is a company run by four friends who believe in an organic agriculture that is dreamily delicious. Cocojune was founded in 2018 and is known for their certified organic coconut yogurt and the use of plant-based ingredients.

In 2018, they began culturing organic coconut with different strains of probiotic bacteria they had acquired from a Danish culture bank. The aim was to make the best tasting vegan yogurt, as well as ensuring it was earth-friendly and healthy too. It turned out to be a complex task- getting taste and texture just right. However, core concept was simple- only use a few, but, great ingredients grown in harmony with nature.

Cocojune cultures the coconut slowly with some of the world’s most researched probiotics giving it a mild tang and lots of probiotic fire-power.



“This is the best vegan yogurt on the market. We were looking for something that everyone would like, not too heavy on the coconut flavor and with a nice tang. We’re excited to serve Cocojune in all our US locations.”

Valdemar Halbye Head of US Retail, Joe & The Juice