Catsmo, Wallkill, NY

Always Fresh | Never Frozen

About Catsmo

Located in Walkill, N.Y. the Catskill Artisan Smokehouse has been operating for over ten years. They buy only the best quality salmon in the world to start with, from the Bay of Fundy or from the best farms of Scotland and Shetland where the waters are very pure. The smokers at Catsmo do not use brine, they hand-salt the salmon sides the old fashioned way (as opposed to dipping them in a water & salt solution). This means a more delicate and even salt distribution throughout the salmon side. Once, cured, they are cold smoked for hours over a mixture of apple, cherry and other delicate fruit woods.

When tasting Catsmo Smoked Salmon, the first thing you feel is a silkiness on the tongue and then the rich, buttery taste of delicate salmon comes through with just a lacing of sweet smoke.


Smokehouse salmon is always smooth, silky, and buttery in texture–never dry, sticky, or pasty. 

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