Blue Sky Organic Farms, Litchfield Park, AZ

Hand crafted, small batch farming.

About Blue Sky Organic Farms

After 15-plus years of cooking with several well known and acclaimed chefs with a heavy emphasis in local, regional cuisine, David Vose, left the kitchen behind to take up growing the best possible produce for other chefs. 25 years later he still has the passion to grow a vastly diverse variety of crops that represent everything an artisan chef would covet. Most notably, David has created a hand crafted, small batch blend of salad that encompasses a complexity of flavor and nutrition. Our small farm in Arizona has become the cornerstone of quality and integrity in the local market.

Blue Sky Organic Farms

"You can taste the dedication and passion David and the Blue Sky team have for their produce. Hands down the greatest attention to detail I've ever seen on a farm."

S. Skinner - customer