Birra Del Borgo, Rome, Italy

Re (Thinking) Ale

About Birra Del Borgo

Rethinking defines our philosophy. It represents the way we re-interpret the classic styles and norms of beer to go BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES of product standardization. But we also go beyond the reinterpretation of styles, to things that are more fundamental. We rethink every part of our beer, from their INGREDIENTS, to their YEASTS and the VESSELS for fermentation, to the processes and techniques that we draw from the WINE WORLD, which affirms our values of balance and elegance. Our journey has always been about pursuing these elements and sharing them with people. Above all, we aspire today to develop A WORLD OF NEW BEERS. Even if experimentation is at the center of our creative process, the essential base of any beer is the choice of the raw materials. The challenge is to find ingredients that can characterize the beers, making them unique WITHOUT EVER LOSING ELEGANCE AND BALANCE in flavor and aromas. Taste and elegance: the continuous research for this subtle balance goes through UNUSUAL INGREDIENTS, often far from the classic brewing tradition. KeTo’s tobacco; Genziana’s Gentian root; Seracena’s Tartaric buckwheat; Rubus’, Fragus’ and Prunus’ fruits; and even Perle ai Porci’s full oysters are just a few examples of our new ideas of beer.                        

Birra Del Borgo

“We constantly live this feeling. When we think that everything has been done, we just put up everything for discussion again”

Leonardo , Founder